How to prevent accidents

  • Time: Try to ride at times where their is no traffic.

  • Lights: Use Front and tail lights, even during the day.

  • Defense: Ride defensively. Assume that cars do not see you, and anticipate their movements.

  • Slow: Slow down in areas with parallel parked cars, opening car doors can cause traumatic injuries.

  • Camera: Ride with a camera, in the event of an accident, camera footage could be vital to your case.

  • ​Insurance: Carry Uninsured Motorist coverage on your car insurance.


L A W  O F F I C E S  O F  J E F F R E Y  A  V I V O





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if you are involved in a bicycle accident

  • Move yourself from the roadway.
  • Make sure you get the license plate tag, many accidents are hit and run accidents.
  • Call 911, and be sure to describe on the call the way the accident happened, including details.
  • Do not discuss the accident with the other driver, but discuss with the officer when he arrives. Make sure you get the other drivers insurance information
  • Call a loved one.​
  • Seek immediate medical care: Emergency Room, Urgent Care and call Vivocyclingattorney.