Attorney Jeffrey A. Vivo spends his time off riding his road bike and participate in competitions through South East Florida.

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Thank you for visiting our page. We hope our page was informative with regards to bicycle accidents in Florida; especially preventing them and what to do if you are involved in one. If you have been in an accident, I feel your pain. My road to becoming a bicycle accident attorney began with a bicycle accident. In 2006 I retired from swimming, which I had done since the age of 6, and which I had competed in at the collegiate level. During my first year at FSU College of Law, my father gifted me his high-end bicycle after being severely injured in a bicycle vs. car accident. At the time, I had an entry level Trek that I rode for exercise alone. With my new high-end bike, I joined the FSU cycling club where I was introduced to group rides and racing. I instantly fell in love with the cycling community and getting lost on country roads surrounding Tallahassee.

On a whim in 2009, I walked into a nearby bicycle shop in Tallahassee by the name of Bicycle House. The founder of Bicycle House and ex-pro Scot Benton became my first coach and mentor. He gave me the ins and outs of riding, racing, and living on two wheels. I won my first road race field sprint in the hills surrounding Tallahassee; I was so thrilled with the result that I continued riding my bike after the race for nearly an hour.

​After graduating from FSU College of Law, I accepted a position as an Assistant State Attorney for the 15 judicial circuit in Palm Beach County, FL. When I moved to Palm Beach County, I rented a little place on Ocean Boulevard, where it only took a weekend there to realize that cycling was very popular in South Florida.

I would routinely see group rides of 100+ riders traveling on A1A. I quickly got plugged into the cycling community in South Florida and spent my weekend riding my bike up and down A1A.

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I guarantee competent and knowledgeable representation for you and your claim. My reputation and history of success with my client's needs speak for themselves. There's no substitution for the best.


02.Dedicated and Loyal Attorney

You will not have to deal with the stress of filing insurance claims, speaking with adjusters, and collecting evidence. I will immediately contact the other person's insurance and open up the claim.


03.I Treat You with Respect

If the insurance company is giving us the runaround, I will file suit and make sure they know I mean business. I will accurately assess what your claim is worth and aggressively pursue that amount against the insurance company.



is a graduate of Florida State University School of Law, has tried 25 jury trials and handled thousands of cases.


Hiring an expert bicycle attorney allows you to disconnect and recover from your injuries. We will aggressively advocate your rights.

L A W  O F F I C E S  O F  J E F F R E Y  A  V I V O






We will carefully investigate the crash and conduct thorough  in person investigation at the site of the accident. Crash reports and all other records pertaining to the accident will be obtained.

Bicycle Personal Injury Attorney handling cases througout Florida including Palm Beach County, Martin County, Okeechobee County, Brevard County and Broward County.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Vivo, PA opened its doors with the encouragement of my soon to be wife Shannon with the intent of becoming a cycling accident firm.

The first bike case I ever handled was where I represented a gentleman that I had crossed paths with on A1A when he went up the road and got hit by a car. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, he urged that I represent him. During my representation of this gentleman I learned three things: 

1) The tenacity I learned as a prosecutor was a valuable asset to my clients in their cases when dealing with insurance adjustors and insurance defense lawyers 

2) My years as a bike racer gave me a unique cyclists perspective which me to transform difficult cases into winners successfully

3) I LOVED IT; I now could combine my passion with my education to make a difference.
Since handling my first bicycle accident case, my firm has dedicated itself to the representation of bicycle accident victims. We have dealt with major insurance companies and accidents involving: cars, commercial vehicles, 18-wheelers, scooters, and road hazards.

“I’ll see you on the road”